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Picture Perfect Pups: 7 Best Dog Photography Los Angeles

Los Angeles stands as a vibrant hub, home to some of the world’s most creative pet photographers. From the glitz of Hollywood to the serene streets of West Hollywood, these artists capture the unique bond between pets and their owners with unparalleled finesse.

Among them is Los Angeles pet photographer Charlie Nunn Photography and Fur Family Photos reign supreme, each offering a distinct approach to immortalizing furry companions. Through their lens, they weave narratives of love, joy, and companionship, transforming moments into cherished memories.

Here are 7 fantastic choices for capturing your dog’s best moments in LA.

1. Fur Family Photos

Fur Family Photos” in Los Angeles brings your pet’s personality to the forefront with their unique, personality-driven fine art photography. Capturing the essence of your beloved pets, this studio offers a truly personal and engaging experience, ensuring your fur babies are seen in all their glory.

Specializing in dog photography, they celebrate the emotional bond between pets and their owners, providing a VIP experience that includes a detailed consultation, a fun and bonding photoshoot, and a theatrical image reveal. Cherished by clients for capturing the spirit and love of their pets, Fur Family Photos stands out as a heartwarming choice for pet photography in Los Angeles.

Contact Number: (507) 858-4478

Location: 1287 S Citrus Avenue Los Angeles, California | View Website

2. Charlie Nunn Photography

This award-winning studio, founded by Charlie Nunn and Raymond Janis, captures the essence of your beloved companions against their signature white backdrop, creating timeless pieces that speak volumes. With a keen eye for capturing the unique personalities of pets ranging from dogs and cats to more exotic creatures, they create not just photographs, but memories to cherish.

Their work reflects a deep-rooted passion for animals, honed by years of experience and a genuine desire to give back to the Los Angeles dog community. Whether it’s for private commissions or collaborative projects with notable companies and entertainers, Charlie Nunn Photography stands out as the go-to pet photography expert in Los Angeles, promising shoot themes filled with creativity and heart

Contact Number: (310) 424-8065

Location: 8363 Fountain Avenue West Hollywood, California | View Website

3. Diana Lundin Modern Pet Portraiture

Situated in the heart of Los Angeles, Diana specializes in pet photography, with a keen eye for capturing the essence of your dog’s personality. Her work goes beyond mere snapshots, creating lasting memories that celebrate the unique bond between pets and their owners. With each click, Diana ensures that the spirit, joy, and beauty of your beloved pet are immortalized.

Whether it’s a whimsical pose or a serene portrait, Diana’s expertise in dog photography in Los Angeles guarantees that the love you feel is reflected in every photograph. For those seeking to preserve the magic of their pet’s presence, Diana Lundin’s photography is the gateway to treasured moments frozen in time.

Contact Number: (818) 481-5214

Location: Los Angeles Area | View Website

4. Danielle Spires Photography

Danielle Spires Photography captivates with a blend of stylized and commercial photography, masterfully capturing the special bond between pets and their owners. With a penchant for stylish ideas and unique backdrops, each photography session at her Los Angeles studio is a venture into artistic expression.

Her work, a vibrant mix of personality and creativity, transforms cherished moments into exquisite pieces of wall art. Whether it’s the quirky charm of pet portraits or the polished grace of commercial projects, Danielle’s lens brings your vision to life with a flair that’s distinctly her own.

Contact Number: N/A

Location: Los Angeles Area | View Website

5. Dogma Pet Portraits

Dogma Pet Portraits in Orange County specializes in creating timeless images that capture the unique personality of each dog. With a studio designed for canine family members, they ensure a relaxed environment conducive to natural expressions.

Their work goes beyond mere dog photography in Los Angeles, offering an engaging photo session experience. The result is a collection of photos that not only showcase the dogs’ characters but also the incredible bond they share with their owners. It’s about turning moments into lasting memories.

Contact Number: (714) 642-9021

Location: 103 E17th Street Suite A1 Costa Mesa, California | View Website

6. Furtographs Pet Portraiture

Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, where the essence of your beloved pets is captured through the masterful eye of photographer Andy Stolarek. With a unique blend of drama and unconventional style, Stolarek’s dog photography in Los Angeles is more than just a service—it’s a celebration of your animal’s spirit.

From the flagship studio in LA to pop-up locations across the nation, Furtographs is dedicated to immortalizing the cherished moments of pet owners. Whether it’s a poised portrait in the studio or a candid moment captured on location, each photograph tells a story, forever preserving the bond between pets and their families.

Contact Number: (661) 803-9826

Location: 7515 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles, California | View Website

7. Sarah DeRemer Dogtographer

Experience the lens-flared world of Sarah DeRemer, Los Angeles’ premier “Dogtographer,” where every click captures the soulful essence of our four-legged companions. Specializing in commercial, event, and lifestyle pet photography, Sarah’s work is a vibrant homage to the spirited personalities of pets, ensuring their timeless charm is forever etched in high-quality mementos.

With a career rooted in a deep love for animals, her sessions are crafted to be as enjoyable for the pets as they are for their human counterparts, guaranteeing a laid-back atmosphere where natural moments of joy and connection are immortalized.

Whether it’s a candid capture at a bustling dog event or a serene studio session, Sarah’s photojournalistic approach brings to life the unique bond between pets and their people, making her the go-to “paw-parazzi” in Southern California and beyond.

Contact Number: (310) 948-9726

Location: Los Angeles Area | View Website

Final Thoughts

In the colorful world of dog photography Los Angeles, studios like Fur Family Photos, Charlie Nunn Photography, and Diana Lundin Modern Pet Portraiture capture the essence of furry companions. From whimsical poses to timeless captures, these studios offer a playful twist on preserving cherished bonds.

Whether it’s Fur Family Photos’ personalized experience or Sarah DeRemer Dogtographer’s lens-flared charm, each click immortalizes the soulful essence of pets. With a blend of creativity and heart, these studios ensure every wag and woof is forever etched in high-quality mementos. It’s a tail-wagging adventure in every frame, celebrating the paw-some personalities of our four-legged friends.



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